A new way to invest in residential property

With social impact

How you benefit with The Property Crowd


Get started with as little as $100.

The Property Crowd’s low entry level allows everyone with an interest in property investment to build a portfolio.


Put your eggs in different baskets.

Diversify your property portfolio, buy PropertyShares in different properties to help spread your risk.


Sell your investment.

In future when the time is right for you, you may be able to sell your PropertyShares on The Property Crowd’s Resale Market if the Resale Market is approved. Click here for more details.

How The Property Crowd works

1. Browse

Explore The Property Crowd’s property listings so you can make an informed decision.

2. Invest

Buy PropertyShares from as little as $100. Our fees are 4% to buy and 0% to sell.

3. Earn

Earn monthly dividends, based on your share of PropertyShares. You can withdraw these dividends at any time.

4. Grow

Reinvest any income you have earnt into more PropertyShares to grow and diversify your property portfolio.

5. Sell

In future you may be able to list your PropertyShares for sale on the Resale Market, and withdraw your funds including any potential capital growth.

What is The Property Crowd?

The Property Crowd is New Zealand’s innovative marketplace which enables property investing for everyone.

Our simple crowdfunding investment model allows you to buy PropertyShares from as little as $100.

Safety and security are our priority

Data Security

We use data encryption to encode your data and keep it safe when in transit. Our VPNs offer a secure tunnel that locks down and maintains your data security.


Your money is held safe in a trust account separate from The Property Crowd's own trading account.

Asset Segregation

Each property is held in its own holding company and managed by an independent director. This removes the risk should The Property Crowd liquidate.


Property investment for everyone

If home ownership seems out of reach, it is time to think differently about property investment. The Property Crowd makes it easy and attainable for anyone to invest in PropertyShares. Unlike traditional property investing, we level the playing field for entry to residential property investments. The hands-off PropertyShares platform reduces the risk and fear that is sometimes associated with property investment, plus investors can diversify by spreading risk across different properties.


Quality, well-maintained, long-term rentals

The Property Crowd is committed to improving the lives of New Zealanders who rent their homes too. We have no intention of selling the properties that we fund, which gives tenants security of tenure. Our properties are well-built, high-quality and well-maintained which ensures better social outcomes for tenants and their communities.

What are PropertyShares?

When you invest with us, you buy portions of a property. We call these PropertyShares.

These portions are shares in a company that owns a property. So when you own PropertyShares, you have shared ownership in a property via the company.

We use this term to keep things simple.

Invest in property the simple way, with The Property Crowd.

It is clear to see why New Zealanders like to invest in property

  • New Zealand property prices have risen significantly over the past five decades.1

  • Nominal house prices have doubled every 12 years on average since 1965.1

  • Nationwide house prices have risen 33 percent since mid-2012 and Auckland house prices have increased 52 percent.1

1 https://www.rbnz.govt.nz/research-and-publications/reserve-bank-bulletin/2016/new-zealand-house-prices--a-historical-perspective
2 http://www.interest.co.nz/charts/real-estate/median-price-reinz

The Property Crowd’s simple crowdfunding investment model allows you to experience residential property investment. Get started with as little as $100.

Is The Property Crowd for you?


Add to your existing investment portfolio with PropertyShares, it’s the simple way to invest in quality property.


Compliment your first home savings plan with PropertyShares.  Your invested funds are in the property market tracking house prices.


Planning your retirement or wanting to help your children, PropertyShares are the innovative way to invest in quality properties.


Not interested in getting on the property ladder, but looking for clever investment options, PropertyShares enable you to experience residential property investment.

$100,000 invested in an Auckland property in 2012 on average would be worth $152,000 today.1

1 https://www.rbnz.govt.nz/research-and-publications/reserve-bank-bulletin/2016/new-zealand-house-prices--a-historical-perspective

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